Thursday, May 23, 2019

Jalie 3905 - Gisèle

Meet Gisèle, one of the 12 newest patterns in the Jalie collection. For this blouse I get to use one of my favourite fabric blends, rayon!

For the first time sewing this pattern I made it without any modifcation with the button closure at the back of the neck. This sew really got my creative juices flowing because it's such a wonderful, basic pattern... I was thinking what if I put the closure at the front, or made button tabs for the sleeves, or, or.... ok, I think you get what I mean... back to our wonderful, basic version of Gisèle.

When I tried it on to check fit, JubeJube instantly said she wanted one, wich is so easy to do when 28 sizes are included in the pattern. Other options include the short and long sleeve.

I love this little detail of the side vent, the construction of the side vent is brilliant, you'll see when you try it for yourself!

Just incase you missed it, check out the Nicole (click!) I made, also part of the new Jalie collection.

I'll be back soon enough with another new pattern from Jalie!
Until next time.

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