Monday, October 21, 2013

Norah 2 Ways by Mouse House Creations

I'm so excited for Hayley of Mouse House Creations. Today is the big day, the first pattern from Mouse House Creations is now available here! Guess what, I got to test it...YAY! 

The first dress that I got together using the Norah pattern was for Amelia. I made her a dress from grey suiting and added the collar with ties made of a white cotton with red polka dots. 

This little a-line dress goes right to the knee and you have the option of long or short sleeve. I went with the sort sleeve to be able to layer it with a cardy. The back is a button closure but a zipper can easily replace that button. The bodice is layered.

I just love the finished look of this dress, so vintage! 

Kill 2 birds with one stone...Now Amelia is dressed for Christmas!

That was the dress, now for the tunic. Same pattern just different options, who doesn't love that?

For this one I used light weight knit fabrics for the collar and bodice. The fabric for the collar has sequins on it for a little of a sparkle.

I decided to go sleeveless for this one, and its lined just like the dress.

Just a simple slit at the back with a button closure, and to finish it off a rolled hem with the serger.

JubeJube likes her new top and was more than pleased to model for me, but evey now and again she has me comply with her wish to have her picture with her favorite grey cat. How could I not comply.

So there you have it the Norah pattern done 2 ways for 2 really different looks. I'm really anxious to see the new things Hayley and Mouse House Creations has in store for us. 

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