Monday, April 14, 2014

Willow and Co. Sneak Peeks: Clover and Persimmon

Some of our favorite bloggers and pattern designers have come together to create a a stunning collection of sewing patterns under the name of  Willow & Co. Patterns.  Catch up on their blog Willow & Co. and discover the inspiration behind the Spring/Summer collection, Wanderlust. Hayley,  from Mouse House Creations, designed the Clover Shorts and Persimmon Dress and Tunic as her contribution to the collective. The patterns won't be available for sale before the 22nd of April, but since I got to test out these two patterns I can offer you a sneak peek!

Here's my take on both Clover and Persimmon.

I decided to make the tunic length, very plain and simple with no pockets (because there is a pocket option) and no ruffles. You know me, I like the simple look. The straps are simple ties. You may not see all the details but there are little pleasts in the front and back top part of the bodice which gives this top its fullness.

I used a very light weight cotton, with a tiny floral print for a little of a vintage look...again one of my things the tinier the flower the better because it means there's a lot of them.

And yes I caught JubeJube in the act of laughing! Now back to the clothes...

The shorts also so full of details like inverted pleats, button tab belt loops, hip pockets, belt sash and cuffs. Such elegant shorts for a child...I want those for me! I used a linen fabric for the shorts and I love how this outfit came together!

One last image, just because. Do come back tomorrow because I'll have more sneak peeks of other Willow and Co. patterns that I was able to test.

Until next time, xx.