Friday, July 11, 2014

Elisa Halter Designed by Filles à Maman

This new pattern from Mel at Filles à Maman, what can I say, its this summer's must have! Just released and available in their Craftsy shop for a limited time for $6.00.

So yes, I tested it, how could I not, Filles à Maman's patterns are so great to work with! I made one for JubeJube in a knit and one for Amelia in a woven. They took about 30 minutes each to make and the girls were over the moon happy with their new tops.

I braided up some fabric stips to make the ties seeing that I didn't have any of the right color ribbon on hand and I think that worked out really well for this little knit top. 

I finished off the hem by using my serger and making a rolled hem. With a knit it gives a little more of a wavy effect. 

The woven pattern is a little bit flared so it isn't so snug around the tummy even though I love Amelia's little toddler tummy.

The ties for Amelia's top are just two strips of bias that I made to match.

The elastic at the back makes for a nice snug comfy fit.

See, told you my girls were happy with their tops...and only 30 minutes!

Until next time, xx.

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