Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Halloween Costume for Miss E

Some may not know this about me but I hate making Holloween costumes. It may be due to the fact that my aunt would always say to me to stop being a perfectionist, this is crafting, make it fun and fast (this coming from a woman with a pettern design and haute couture diploma). The only one that I can't refuse is my niece...she never asks me for anything and when I do make something for her I never hear her complain, and I love her to bits. So this year when my sweet E wanted a certain costume of those popular Ever After High dolls how could I saw no, especially since my sister had done all the leg work and all I had to do was sew.

So let the scavenger hunt begin to find red fabric for the cape, red and black plaid for the t-shirt, black skirt with red tulle, and accessories to make Evagelina's transformation to Cerise Hood, daughter to Red Ridding Hood.

This is the finished costume, enjoy my sister's the stunning photography, Tanya Zaleski Photocreations, throughout this post.

The t-shirt was purchase at Forever 21. This was an adult size so I did some restructuring, removing the sleeves, reshaping the armcyes, bringing in the sides and re-attaching the sleeves. The great thing about repurposing this adult t-shirt, it will be worn at least a few more times.

Going through my stash my sister found some red jersey for the hood and a floral for the cape part. In the picture of the original doll you'll notice the cape is a floral pattern, so ours doesn't match exaclty but if I tell you that the fabric had been in my stash for about 12 years, it pretty darn good.

Original image by Mattel Toys

The accessories were all things Tanya had on hand, like the belt, locket and basket. Accessories really helped complet the look.

The skirt was also repurposed, and the red tulle is actually a red tutu that Evangelina had in her wardrobe for some time. So yay, not too much sewing for me! If every Holloween costume were this easy!

I'll  have a couple of other costumes coming up on my blog if you're looking for warned they may come from the vault.

Until next time, xx.

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