Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sloane Sweater Blog Tour

I know I say this everytime I make myself something new, but I think this has got to be my favorite! I love my jeans, my boots, and yes I love my Sloane!  

Sloane by Love Notions (affiliate link) may seem like a very simple top BUT that all depends what you do with it, what fabric you select and what options you include in your design.

At first I was thinking simple, grey, cozy, ready for all seasons type look, you know something that's easy to wear to the grocery store. But why, why should I (or we) limit ourselves to plain even for the grocery store. This is when it hit me, I was going to do the version with the yoke. I knew right off I was going to make the scalloped hem option, and I also have tons of hoodies so it was time to make the regular rounded neckline.

I was in search for lace! A lace with a slight stretch so I wouldn't have to play around to give myself ease at the shoulders.

And there it was, calling to me from the table it was sitting on, just waiting for me to dicover this beautiful scalloped edge.

I cut away the straight edge of the lace carefully and instead of sewing with right sides together for the back yoke seam, I layered them to reveal that pretty edge.

In the Sloane pattern you'll find all you need to create knit tops with different looks everyday of the week... you need to check out the other blog posts on the tour to get those creative juices flowing.

I'm thinking I need to go get more Sloanes on my cutting table, and not just for going to the grocery store! 


  1. I LOVE the scalloped lace on your version! This is such a comfy cozy look and I love how you styled it. It's perfect for fall/winter and beyond!

  2. Wow, this is so beautiful, I love your version with the beautiful lace...awesome job. ;o}

  3. I am definitely going to try to use some crocheted lace on my next one! Beautiful job!

  4. I LOVE the lace yoke! What a great idea!