Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sew Yourself Some Love 2016

Its no secret, I don't often sew for myself...but for this month I'm trying to do a little more for me. Its not selfish at all. Over the past years my body type has changed...a lot. I used to sew paper patterns for myself, always the same size with the same adjustments no surprises. With PDF patterns and my body type changing I felt it was harder to get a good fit so now that I've seemed to hit these two PDF's out of the park this is actually making me feel really good and embrace my curves.

The first patterns that I sewed up for this post are both from Jocole, the Shoreline Knit Tank and the Basic Briefs. Everyone deserves to have undies that fit, properly! I can't imagine I was still wearing my maternity undies up until now...yes I have a whole new stack of bottoms that I made from fabric that I've been hoarding for what seems to be forever!

I used fold over elastic to trim out the bottoms and the neckline and straps on the cami. For the hem I made a rolled hem with my serger. The fabric is from my stash, a netting that I've had since 2003 (the bill was folded up in the fabric).

Both patterns have a great size range (XS-XXXL), and the bottoms have so many variations...high wiast, hipster, brief, bikini, boyshorts...along with helpful hints on sewing up stretch fabrics. These two patterns are a good place to start to "sew yourself some love". Being comfy in your undies is key to making the rest of your clothing feel great.

So here's one more for you, the Slim Fit Raglan by Patterns for Pirates. Seriously, why have I not made this one for myself before!

Yes, that's me with an actual smile (see comfy undies that fit make for a happy lady!) BUT I'm also loving this top on me and its so comfortable, and I feel like I can leave the house with this on and not look like, ummmm I just got out of bed. 

We all need basics in our wardrobe and if you're looking around for a pattern to fill that need for a basic raglan tee, go with this one. has so many options included, different sleeve lengths, variations on the bottom hem and different lengths, even tunic length. Sizes range from XXS to XXXL. Features like no trim pages and layering to print only the sizes you want are including in this pattern. 

Sewing up these patterns has really been a way to do something to help me feel great about myself and like the way I look. When you feel great it shows in everything you do, and how you project yourself.

Go on, go sew yourself some love, ya know you want to!

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Until next time, xx.


  1. LOVE!! And I love your smile! You are so cute!!

  2. Super cute panty and cami combo!!!! I just made the slim fit raglan too and LOVE it! Much better fit than the regular raglan.

  3. You are awesome- love both of your sets!!!! Thanks for joining in the tour ;o)

  4. Great job! Beautiful deteails!

  5. Everything in this post in GORGEOUS! Adore the fabric for your Jocole stuff! I totally agree on the needing to sew yourself some wardrobe basics. You picked a really nice combo for your raglan too.

  6. i love the cami and panties and the fabric is awesome

  7. Oh my gosh, that cami and underwear set is beautiful! I hope you have fun with it ;-)
    And the slim fit raglan is great. It looks awesome on you.