Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Canada Cups: Cheeky Ladies

I've been chatting quite a bit with Michelle of Michelle's Creations. I thought is would be fun to share 5 fun facts about Michelle. My booty buddie has been so encouraging through out this fun project (that you'll get to see more of a little laer in the week)  she has so much more experience than I in sewing lingerie.

This is Michelle in one of her favorite photos...isn't she just beautiful and elegant.

We asked eachother 5 questions, mostly sewing related, and this is what Michelle. (the left cheek) had to say:

What is your favorite bra?
Michelle's answer - My favorite bra was from a long time ago, it was baby blue and the along the top of the upper cup there was a blue and pink ribbon. My second favorite bra is one that I made. I love that plaid fabric on the sides and the bridge.

The next obvious question would be what is the worse bra you ever had?
Michelle's answer - The worse bra was from a boutique and for some reason that one ended up in the pruchase pile. When I got home I noticed it and wanted to return it right away but no exchanges or refunds on undergarments. the boutique did offer alterations, so that's what I did but they used white thread on a peach bra, and it was ugly!

What's your favorite lingerie pattern?
Michelles's answer -  My got to pattern is Kwik Sew 2286 (this is a blog post that Michelle wrote up, check it out!)

What is your favorite pattern?
Michelle's answer - It has to be the Flirt Skirt by Pan Howard.

*I really have to agree with Michelle on that...that skirt has a great style to it!

What is your biggest sewing mistake?
Michelle's answer - It has to be when I had sewn the bra cups upside down...or another one is cutting two of the right sides and not have enough fabric to recut.

Ok last one...What is the first garment you made for yourself?
Michelle's answer - I made myself a blouse in a sewing class...that too like the baby blue bra doesn't fit anymore.

Thanks Michelle for being my booty buddie through all this!

So you want to find out more about me...go see Michelle's post right here!

Stay tuned for more fun in the Cross Your Heart Relay...catch the Fairy Bra Mother's post with all the bosom buddies involved on this trip across Canada.

So now that you seem to have an idea what we've been chattig about, here's a change to see even more...

I'll see you back here tomorrow...I was able to chat with Émilie of Jalie patterns...find out what she had to say!

Until next time, xx.

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  1. Gah! I hate when I mess up the cutting and then I'm out of fabric!!! hahahaha.

    Great write up, it's nice to know everyone else makes mistakes too. I made my last Shelley with my lower cup pieces upside down ahahahah