Friday, September 9, 2016

Maple Skirt: Sew Along Inspiration

From the first time I saw the Maple Skirt by Gracious Threads I knew I had to make one. I'm so glad to be a part of the Sew Along to give some inspiration and maybe some tips.

My focus today will be on top stitching and all those little fun details I put on my skirt. 

If you aren't already a part of the Gracious Threads Sewing Group on facebook, you need to go there because that's where the main part of the sew along is taking place. You'll find a whole bunch of tips and ticks and more much inspiration! PLUS so much more!

Top Stitching:

So let me start off by saying these pocket were not an after thought. I started with the outer pocket ...even before adding the lining. Very important to notice that if you do not have the thread color you need or want for top stitching denim you can always thread the top of your machine with two spools of your thread and pass them through so that both threads go through the needle. You'll notice the left side of my stitching is a lot darker than the right side. the bobbin thread stays as is. So now, back to my pockets...

I finished my raw edges with my serger and pressed down the top of the pocket by about an inch. Then I pressed down my seam allowances all the way around so that I could get a good look at the space I had available for my embroidery.  I did stitch down the top of my pocket so that it would look like the image below. I actually omited the lining of the pockets, but if you want to line them now would be a good to do it, before stitching down the top of the pocket.

After I drew out a simple curly vine looking image and just stitched over my curves with my machine then added the flower shaped buttons where I wanted to and sewed then on by hand.

Then all you have to do it stitch the appliqué pockets to the front of the skirt. I did a lot of top stitching on this skirt just to give some fun little those buttonhole, they're all faux, I actually made the buttonholes and added snaps to close up the front of the skirt.

Adjustable waistband:

I also made an adjustable waistband on this skirt because my girls can actually share their clothes, they're about the same height, but they don't have the same body shape and one of them has an extra inch around the waist.

I made the waistband with two cuts to be able to thread through the elastic...making sure I kept the same length in total for the waist. 

 Pressed my seam allowances open, then stitched it to the outer waist band as directed in the tutorial. 

Thread through the elastic, sew the buttons on in the side, and that's it.

The Final Result: 

The top, by the way, is the Raindrop Tee, also by Gracious Threads. 

Until next time, xx.

*I did get the skirt pattern for free for the purpose of sew along, but all opinions and ideas are my own! 


  1. what a lovely set! Thank you so much for a fantastic outfit!

  2. I have to admit, I'd never considered making Faux button holes. That is a level of genius I'll have to steal. LOVE IT!

    1. Go for it! I think its just a little detail that adds to the garment :)