Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cruise & Star by Blaverry

So we're still on vacation, and so up north it is for this fun little photo shoot featuring Star and Cruise by Blaverry.

I still can't believe that I was so bold as to put two prints together, a floral and a lattice style print. But they really work together and JubeJube loves the the whole outfit.

I had spotted the vintage telephone booth some time ago and always wanted to do a shoot here, today was the day! and to top it off, parking two steps away.

Ok, back to the patterns...
These two patterns have been just retested and released with new options. For Star this includes 3 sleeve lengths, nested pattern pieces for easier blending of sizes. 

For Cruise a full testing of all sizes was done to make sure that the best fit would be achieved for just about any body type. Still the same great design with the welted pockets at the back, and front hip pockets, adjustable elastic at the waist, and so many options for lengths...capries, bermudas, shorts.  

More window shopping for JubeJube...

As usual, with every Blaverry pattern your get a huge size range from size 2t to 16 years, layered printing, measurement charts in metric and imperial, and quick to the point assemble instructions.

Just in case you're wondering about the location, this is Petit Hameau in St-Jovit. A location with fun little shops and great restaurants.

And finally LUNCH! A quick little stop at Churros & Churros, the kids enjoyed it! Also a chance to get a couple of extra shots in.

So much more inspirations to check out as you Cruise around to the other blog posts on this mini tour! 

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  1. Your print combination is perfect! I love how the shorts and top both turned out. And the location.... soooo awesome. Even sneaking in the last few pics at the restaurant, lol.